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2 years ago
Superb services, wide range of cycle options available other kids vehicles are also available. Reasonable rate
- Pritee P
2 years ago
Nice cycle showroom in Annapurna Road
- Ravi c
2 years ago
Very nice FireFox company
- Jitendra V

All Models of Firefox Brand

How To Choose The Right Bike Size For You!  

The most important factor in selecting a bike size is the type of bike that you plan on buying. What are you planning to do with your bike? Are you buying your bike for leisure? Or will you be going on long trips on it? Are you planning to buy a speedster? Or are you planning to learn bike tricks and stunts on non-conventional terrains? There are a lot of preferences, and almost every preference has a bike made for it! All you need to do is identify and understand your use and select the type of bike you want to buy. This will enable you to narrow down your search for the right bike size. Each type of bike has a different size chart. Whether you are buying it from a store or online, it is always a great idea to ask for assistance while taking the decision.  

Another important factor is the inseam. The top pipe of the chassis needs to be farther down than your crotch area. There are various ways to measure your inseam. The simplest one is trying out the bike. There should be a minimum of 2-5 inches of gap between the top tube and your crotch area. This makes the bike more comfortable and less capable of hurting you when you try braking hard in emergencies. The second way is measuring the inseam of your full-length pants. The distance of the top pipe from the ground should be at least 2-3 inches less than that of the inseam. There is another way of measuring the inseam. You need to hold a book between the legs, with the spine of the book slightly touching the crotch. Stand against a wall and mark the spine’s height. This is also a good way to gauge the inseam and select the right bike. 

If you want to understand how comfortable the bike is or how would the bike perform on your desired terrain, you need to try the bike or a similar bike in terms of bike size and use. This is something you cannot decide just by looking at the bike. You need to take the bike for a spin. The riding comfort, the riding position, the effortlessness and the expected fun is only understood then! If you have any more questions or want to understand how to go about buying the bicycle, please feel free to call the nearest The Cycle World Showrooms or call on +91 91092 99999. You can also Visit our Nearest store Annapurna Road / Vijayanagar

Mountain Bikes - A Mountain Bike or Off-Road Bike incorporates features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrains. These typically include distinctly sturdy wheels, powerful brakes and much more for climbing steep grades.

City Bikes (Hybrid) - Standing true to its name, a City Bike (Hybrid) is a mix of a road bike and a mountain bike. The outcome is a bicycle that’s suitable for general-purpose riding over different terrains.  

Road Bikes - Firefox Road bikes are distinguished by their especially lightweight frames and slim tires. Also known as racers, these are designed for flat surfaces such as paved roads.  

Women Bikes - These are the bikes that are built specifically keeping in mind both women's comfort and style, with no compromise on either.  

Kids Bikes (3-9 Years) -Tailor-made especially for children, Kids Bikes are built keeping both their safety & imagination in mind. From fun components to top of the line safety features, these bikes are just what little explorers need.  

Junior Bikes (9-12 Years) - Built for those who want to carry their passion for cycling from childhood to tweens. Firefox’s Junior Bikes prove to be loyal companions for young adolescents aged between 9 to 12 years.

Speciality Bikes - Speciality Bikes are Firefox’s special & innovative bike models that are designed for specific transportation purposes; Folding Bikes, Fat Bikes, Stunt Bikes etc. While the Folding Bikes are designed to fold into a compact form facilitating storage and transport, Fat Bikes are designed with Fat tires which provide good grip on uneven terrain, snow and sand.  

Electric Bikes - E-bikes use batteries to provide an added boost to a cyclist’s pedalling, enriching their bike-riding experience from all fronts – Be it covering longer distances, tackling tougher climbs or sustaining a faster pace.  

few basic pointers to take care for your bike.
  • Wash Your Bike
    Cleaning and washing your bike regularly prolongs the life of your bike. All you need is a bucket of simple soapy water, an old piece of cloth and an old toothbrush – you will be recycling too! The toothbrush is for the nooks and crannies of the chain and gear set. However, a proper degreasing solution is recommended every few months for the chain and gear shift to remove the grit and grime.
  • Constant Check on Brake Pads
    You can buy new brake pads from almost any dealership and most of them will replace the pads for you! However, if you have the patience, Allen keys and an internet connection – you can do it yourself at home. Remember, if you can’t see the grooves on the pads, the brake pads might as well not be there!
  • Lubricate. Regularly lubricate!
    Much like you always keep the engine of your care/bike always lubricated – your cycle needs it too! You can buy a bottle of bicycle-specific lubricant from a dealership or online. Use it sparingly on any part where metal grinds against metal – definitely the chain and gear set. However, there is no point lubricating dirty chains. Always clean the chain first!
  • Proper Tyre Pressure
    If your tyres have less air pressure than required, they are more prone to punctures. If you aren’t sure what the required pressure is, check along the sides of the tyre, there will be a number with psi written after it. When you pump your tyres, you can use a pressure gauge to make sure you fill the right amount. Old school – squeeze the tyre to get a feel of how inflated it is. Never over pressure your tyres!
  • Squeaky Brakes
    Aside from hurting your ears and those around you, squeaky brakes are a hazard while riding. This is because, the squeaky sound implies that your brakes are dirty, or the wheel rims are dirty, and this reduces the efficiency of your brakes. Clean them out regularly and you should be good to go. If the problem persists, have your brakes checked by a professional.

Follow these basic steps regularly and you will see a considerable improvement in your performance while riding! But remember, if you use your bikes regularly, then you will have to increase the level of maintenance and dedication to your ride.

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